Dave Wix - Presentations

“Recent Developments in Commercial Law: The Impact on Collection Cases” – February 16, 2015 – ILCBA Spring Seminar

“Consumer Products: The Latest on the CPSIA and Product Testing” – September 28, 2010 – webinar presentation with Chip Magid of Dorsey & Whitney, LLP sponsored by the Product Liability Committee of the International Association of Defense Counsel.

“Recent Developments in Commercial Law: The Impact on Collection Cases” – February 16, 2015 – ILCBA Spring Seminar

“Emails and Documents – Do’s and Don’ts” – July 1, 2010 – presentation to CODA Automotive’s Quality Control and Design Groups – Santa Monica, CA.

E-Data & Discovery – Simple Steps to Protect Infantino From Avoidable Risk – June 2, 2009 – presentation to Infantino management – San Diego, CA.

“Navigating the New Consumer Product Safety Legislation in the United States” – October 22, 2008 – presentation with Michael J. Wagner and Erin M. Maus as part of seminar entitled “Emerging Global Risks: Trends and Realities in Product Liability and Recalls” – New York, NY

“Dealing with Suppliers in China: Product Quality and Product Recall Issues” – September 5, 2008 – presentation with Michael J. Wagner at seminar sponsored by the John Marshall Law School Center for Intellectual Property and The Sister Cities China Committee – Chicago, IL

“Minimizing the Costs Associated with Defective Products: The Importance of Product Recall and Product Safety Programs” – August 26, 2008 – presentation to Huawei Technologies (USA) – Dallas, TX.

“E-Data and Discovery – Protecting Zebra Technologies Corporation From Avoidable Risk – The Simple Steps Every Executive Should Know” – May 5, 2008 – presentation to Zebra Technologies Corporation with Ethan Berghoff and Erin Maus – Vernon Hills, IL.

“International Product Recalls: Managing the Process and Minimizing the Risk” – October 11, 2007 – presentation at the Defense Research Institute Annual Meeting (International Law Committee) – Washington, D.C.

“Product Recalls Around the World: Managing the Process” – August 30, 2007 – presentation to Mattel, Inc. – El Segundo, CA.

 “Preparing for and Implementing a Global Product Recall” – July 16, 2006 – presentation at the International Association of Defense Counsel Annual Meeting – Rome, Italy.

“Product Liability and Product Recalls in the United States” – July 12, 2006 – presentation to ANCMA (association of manufacturers of motorcycles, motorcycle equipment and accessories) – Milan, Italy.

“Protecting Your Company in the Event of a Product Recall”: May 19, 2004, Chicago, IL November 2, 2004, San Diego, CA November 4, 2004, Palo Alto, CA February 24, 2005, Toronto, Canada

“The Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology (SAFETY) Act: An Overview of the Purpose, Benefits and Application Process” – March 17, 2005 – Chicago, IL.

“What To Do If Your Product is the Victim of a Terrorist Attack” – May 20, 2004 – Chicago, IL.

“The U.S. TREAD Act and its Effect in Germany” – June 13, 2003 – Frankfurt, Germany.

“Strategies and Tactics for Defending Cases Involving Elevator Door Malfunction” – presentation at Schindler Elevator Corporation’s National Defense Counsel Meeting – February 11, 2003 – Las Vegas, NV.